Through its range of products Relais International provides highly sophisticated solutions to automate and streamline operations for traditional ILL, Document Delivery and consortial resource sharing as well as for services supporting on campus delivery and distance education programs. 

Relais D2D - Discovery to Delivery

Relais D2D integrates the end-user discovery experience with request management. D2D optimizes the user's ability to discover items of interest and get immediate access to or request delivery of the material with no staff intervention. Based on a modular open approach, a library can further optimize its options by combining the functionality in D2D with other systems and software making D2D the future for resource sharing. As an open solution, Relais D2D can be used with other discovery solutions that may already be in use in your library.

When your user selects an item from the results list, our unique and state of the art "check availability" web service checks whether the item is truly available in the consortium (based on each libraries local policies for lending). Load balancing is used when building a routing list and the request is sent to the first library on the routing list without staff mediation. Click here for more details on Relais D2D.

Relais ILL - end to end Request Management

Send and receive requests to and from other ILL management systems including WCRS. Use the Relais ILL web form in conjunction with OpenURL to streamline the way in which your users submit requests. Using the Relais search results - build routing lists for your requests - automatically.  Use the fully integrated scanning (optional) module to scan print documents for delivery via Ariel, Odyssey, post to web or as an email attachment. Empower your patrons and other libraries - allow them to check on the status of their requests at any time.  Click here for more details on Relais ILL.

Relais Express / Express PLUS

Use Relais Express, to convert paper documents to electronic format, or use existing electronic documents, and deliver them to your own users or to other libraries. With Relais Express PLUS multiple scanning stations can be connected.  Click here for more details on Relais Express / Express PLUS.
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